Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 12, 2014

I'm doing amazing!! These past couple of days have flown by.  It is just class after class.  But I like it, because then I stay busy!  Today was the most amazing though.  because they normally take us to the temple every other friday.  But it is closed for one more week.  So they just opened the front gates and gave us a Book of Mormon, and said "be back in an hour!!!"  It was the greatest thing to go out and teach actual people!  I want to just go straight to Bolivia now!  My companion and I got three referrals.  And one of the guys seemed so intrested, and really cared about what we were saying, even if it was broken Spanish!  But the food here is great,  Even though we have rice about every meal, but I'm getting real used to that!  People are just so nice!  My favorite days are Sundays, because we just watch old conference talks, and theyre all in ENGLISH!!!!!! it's like a huge relief to actually understand everything! It's crazy how every night I just feel so happy, even though its so tough, and I'm 5000 miles away from my old life!  We just got our district spilt up today, and we got moved into a new room.  I don't like it that much, because it is smaller, and I'm not with any of my friends from my first room. Except my companion.  But that's how mission life is... once you get comfortable with one thing, it's gonna get changed!  But when we memorize scriptures we get choclate bars, and in the bars, there is a sticker, and they are just random things, like animals, or planets, or bugs, and they are like a currency here, people will give me anything for a sticker, and they trade them, I have like 12 of them, and people give me all the candy they have for one, I am like the king of stickers!  But I love it here.  Tell bear I miss him, and I'll see him in 701 days! Love every one, and I'll try to send some pics! 

Jacob at the Colombian MTC which is actually called the CCM
he is the 6th from the right 

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