Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 7, 2014

They let us email a day earlier, because they have stuff for us to do tomorrow.  I love it here!! We got to go to the temple last friday.  It was an amazing experience, even though it was in spanish, and I barely understood anything.  The traffic here is crazy.  Everyone just drives wherever they want, but no one crashes... Hahaha spanish is so hard.  But it is coming along great. I mean how could it not. We wake up at 6:30, and have classes till 10:30 every day. And every one of them is in spanish... My companion is a kid from the Sacramento, California area. He has really humbled me, and makes me work super hard. I love my district. They are the funniest and most coolest kids ever. One is from portland, three are from Cali, three from utah, including me, and one from Idaho! The kid from Idaho is Elder Peterson.  He is so funny, and always makes me enjoy class. The kids from utah, Elder Sperry, and Elder Strong are awesome! Elder Strong is from Syracuse, and he reminds me of Brandon Deleon! He likes the same stuff as me, we relate to the same things, and we get along so well! He has made the CCM so freaking fun, We just do everything together!  Everything here is dirt cheap, I'm going to get some cool stuff.  Love you guys, thank you for everything.  Love you so much, and tell Jeff, Bryce, and Aubrey I love them! 
love Elder Beals!
PS. Sorry for all the grammar errors, Spanish keyboard, so its hard to type!! Love ya lots! 

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