Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 19, 2014

Hey mom and dad!!! They let us get on tuesday, because only half of the missionaries that were suppose to come did, and now it feels kinda empty here! We have basically been doing the same thing everyday, except the rest of this week should be amazing! The temple finally opened back up.  So we get to go tomorrow and Friday. We get to go proselyting Thursday!  They said they're going to take us in the city, drop us off, and say "Be back in four hours.  Get as many referrals as you can."   I'm so excited for that!  I freaking love volleyball so much since I've been here.  One of the kids in my district, the one I sent you a picture of where we are holding the flag, he played for BYU Idaho.  He is way good.  Whenever we get on a team together we destroy!  He is a way cool kid!  Well, we got new rooms, and one of the kids in my new room is way cool.  He is from Cache Valley.  He has a full ride scholarship to BYU to be the QB when he gets back.  He is the most humble, and athletic kid!!  He's way funny too.  At night we just make way funny jokes back to each other!  Everyday my Spanish just gets better and better.  I'm saying just send my to Bolivia right now!   But I do love it here in Colombia.  It's like a constant 60 degrees, and it just feels great!  I was wondering mom, if you could send me some pictures you have of like the family, or pics you have of me and my friends.  Just to have something to look at!  Love you guys so much.  I keep you in my prayers everyday that you will be blessed! Love Elder Beals

Look at the sign above the speed limit

The Elder from Idaho

Lovin the CCM

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