Monday, December 1, 2014

This week has been a great one for sure! We had the great oppurtunity to baptize our contact who is really old, that I was telling you about.  He asked me if I would baptize him.  So it was a really great experience.  But it was a path full of miracles to get him there... On Wednesday we had his interview, with our district leader.  The problem was that our district leader had lost his phone. So Wednesday morning he called us and said to meet at the church in his area at 4:30.  At about four we went to the house of Lorenzo to get him for his interview, but he wasn't there.  His wife said that he said he had an interview and left... That was a problem because, it was at a different church, and we knew that he didnt know where it was, so we couldn't find him anywhere.  We didn't know what to do, and we were just waiting around. So we said a prayer and continued looking for him. Then this one kid who lives by him came up to us, and we asked him if he had seen Lorenzo. He siad no, but he knows he's going to come here... We were kind of surprised, because how could he know if he didn't talk to him.  But we decided just to wait a little.  Then like 10 seconds later he came around the corner.  We asked where he was, and he said that he was looking for us.. But now it was after 4:30 and we couldn't call the other missionaries to tell them we were going to be late..  but we still left for the church and we got there at like 5:40.  No one was there... and we had no way to contact them.  So we waited for a little and still nothing.  So we decided to go back home, but I forgot my wallet and had no money to get home. So then we had an idea to take a taxi straight home and pay when we got there. But every single taxi told us they wouldn't take us to our area.  Then some people passed by and said "Hi elders, what are you doing?" and we said "Waiting for Elder Peña."  They said "Good luck." and drove off. Then we waited for another 20 minutes, and still nothing.  Then a car pulled up, and out came Elder Pena and Elder Peck. They told us that the people who saw us told them we were waiting there. So we were able to have the interview, and every thing went good. And Lorenzo was finally baptized!  Everything is going good here.  Transfers are this week, and it's crazy to think that I finish my training, and I have over four months!! love you!!
Elder Beals

Jacob and Lorenzo

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