Monday, November 24, 2014

This week has been a good one, but also a really difficult one. It seems no matter how close we get people to getting baptized something, or someone has to delay it. The guy who was really old and was supposed to be baptized, and we talked to his wife about it. But, when we brought the note thing for her to sign to authorize his baptism she says she doesn't know now, and wants to him to know more about the church before he is baptized.. kinda frustrating. We finally prepared him enough that he was ready, and its tough to have this trial now. Last night though, we found these two people by solely following the spirit, and they are amazing.  I believe they will be baptized soon! They were so great!!

The man who has the 14 year old son, couldn't make it to church this week because of money problems and his job, which he might lose.  It's sad because they are really really poor... But the son came by himself and he loves it!  He really wants a white shirt so he can be like the other kids at church, but he doesn't have money. His birthday is tomorrow and I think I'm going to go by him a white shirt, because they are really cheap here, and we have an appointment with them tomorrow!!

It is still extremely hot here, and its just getting hotter and hotter! What I would do to have that snow right now! Hah, this one lady was asking me if it snowed in Utah.  I said "Yes it does, a lot." And she said her dream is to eat snow with milk...Haha

It does rain a ton here.  This morning most of the roads were closed because it rained so badly on Saturday and last night.  It took us over an hour to get to the place that we write! It's crazy here how things are so un- organized.  But it makes me appreciate everything so much more! Thanks for everything. Love you a lot! 

Jacob and the crew from the MTC celebrating 50 years of the church in Bolivia

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