Monday, November 10, 2014

This has been an extremely hot week here in bolivia! and an extremely humid week! I would do anything to have some nice snow, and not have my shirt soaking wet in my own sweat! Haha 
Those baptisms that we were suppose to have; we put them off some more because we don't feel like they are completely prepared! I hate having to put them off, but when its salvation on the line, you gotta be ready! Haha So, that old man I told you about, has had a problem with his arm for like the past year. We told him about the priesthood, and how it could heal people. He asked if we could heal him, and if he could have a blessing for his arm.  We gave him a blessing, after explaining that it would only heal based on the faith that he has! Well, when we went back it had regained a lot of its strength, yesterday he could move a lot of it! It's amazing the power of faith and the priesthood!  The spirit was so strong there.  Now he is sharing with everyone about that miricle! 
We had a zone conference this week also, and the president is just the most amazing person I have met.  He really is a servant of the lord!  He always knows what to say, and he is just great!! Well, everything is going good here, love you!!
love Elder Beals

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