Friday, September 19, 2014

Monday September15, 2014

Wow, Bolivia is absolutely crazy!!! This has been a humbling week! My first area is called Suarez, my comp is from La Paz Bolivia. He is sweet! We get along really well. Well, at least I think we do. He doesnt speak English, so I can't really tell. But he is a really nice guy, and a great missionary! He's been out for nine months! Our house is pretty beat up, and kinda ghetto... but that's what I expected! Our ward is huge.  It's a 40 minute bus ride to get to our church.  It is so hot here!!!  I have never sweated so much in my life!  Every second I'm wiping off gallons of sweat!  There are tons of dogs here, and cats and pretty much every animal!  The streets always have tons of horses cows, chickens, and other animals in's crazy!  There are lots of lizards here also!  All the time while we are studying we will see one run across the floor or something!  But there are also tons of bugs! Which is gross!  The food isn't that bad.  We have this one member feed us lunch everyday, and it's pretty normal.  It's just so much rice.  It's hard to finish it all!  I did eat cow tongue and utter my first day. And it wasn't that bad... Tell jeff happy birthday yesterday.  The big 17!!   It's tough walking all day cause its so hot. And teaching lessons you are practically dead!  But we have already committed 5 people to baptism which is great!  Even though I could barely follow the lesson cause it was all in spanish... The people are so nice!  They have nothing but they will still do anything for us!  They love the missionaries so much, it's great!!!  My package never came mom, and I'm really sad about that... but I can buy almost everything here.  Thanks for everything, love you guys!

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