Monday, February 22, 2016

So yes there was elections this week, and we had to stay in the house again, and we couldn't even have church on Sunday! But everything is now back to normal! 

So this week we were getting everything ready for the wedding of the Guzman family, but there were a couple of extended family problems, and they decided to put it off until march... It's just Satan who doesn't want them to get married and baptized, but everything should work out fine soon! 

Also a huge heat wave came in this week, that the temperature got up to 122 degrees... my comp and I were dying... but here whenever it gets really hot it's because a huge storm is coming, and a huge storm came... There was so much wind and rain it was crazy! It felt like how it looks in the movie the testaments when they killed Jesus Christ... It was crazy and lots of trees fell down and lots of fences... but nothing happened to my comp and I! 

Things are going great here.  My comp is the best! He said he knows a lot of Burgos Families! He wants to know from which ward in Cartagena. 

Heres some pics of my comp and I! 

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