Monday, February 9, 2015

Wow this week has just absolutely flown by!! We had a zone confrence this last week with the president.  We had to take the three hour ride to Tarija.  And lets just say I hate that drive!!!  It's through nothing but mountains. The guy driving was absolutely crazy!!!  We left at six in the morning so we could get there on time.  About half way through the ride, everyone in the car found out what I had for breakfast........... yuck!!! hahaha
  But this week has been really good.  In the middle of the conference the president asked me to come up and talk about how we really are born again when we are baptized, and when we partake of the sacrament.  After that he shared some experiences with us, and wow it was just so spiritual!!!  On Sunday the speakers for church didn't show up.  So in the meeting the Branch President got up and asked if I could come up and give a talk about La Obra Missional!!  It was great!!! 
  So this next week they are going to start something called Carnival here in Bolivia.  From Saturday night till like Friday we can't leave our houses.  So next Monday I will not be writing home... and maybe not the next week, we are not completely sure.  So don't worry next week when you don't get a letter home!! 
  But we should have a baptism Saturday night, before we get locked up.  Its a guy who is amazing!!! He was married two days ago, and his wife was less active for a long time.  But they are both attending and he should be baptized in a week!! 
  Everything is just going so great here.  Thanks for all the support.  Don't worry about me though, I am being exactly obedient.  So I am proteccted from anything!!! Love you all!! 
Love Elder Beals 

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